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Birthday games for kids to try Luck

 Birthday games for kids to try their Luck and win games

Birthday games for kids to try Luck

Birthday games for kids to try Luck

Materials Required : 

  • Some small  different  types  of  gifts.
  • One or two big gift.

How To Play:

  • This is a group game. so any number of persons can participate in this game.
  • This game is generally play at party halls.
  • First of all before party starts, hide all gifts at different places in the hall.
  • Now At any time between party you can announce that, there are many gifts hidden in the hall, and who ever find the gift this gift will be belongs to that person.
  • Now you can make a rule, One person can take only one game, This depends on you.
  • Now the persons who are luckier will get gifts, some get big gifts, some get small gift.
  • So this games depend on the persons luck and their skill of finding the thing. So its name is try your luck.



Winner of the birthday games to try luck:

  • Here in this game there is nothing like winner.
  • We can say the persons who get gifts are winners itself. Cheers…….Birthday games to try luck

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