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Transfer The Ball

Minute to win it party games – transfer the ball

minute to win it party games - transfer the ball

minute to win it party games – transfer the ball

Hello friends today I am going to share a new game, this is one minute game, By this game you can check your mind and blowing co-ordination, Lets check………….

Materials required.

  • Two nos of plastic bucket of different color.
  • Some plastic balls of two different color.
  • Water
  • Stop watch

How To Play:

  • This is a one minute game with any number of persons can take part.
  • First take tow bucket of different color on a table, and pore water in both up to top edge.
  • Now put some plastic balls as shown in image, put pink plastic balls in blue bucket and put blue balls in the pink one.
  • These balls will float on a water inside the bucket, Participant has to blow this plastic ball and move them to their correspond bucket, means they have to move pink balls in to the pink bucket and blue balls in to the blue bucket.
  • Participants has to continue transferring he ball from one bucket to another until one minute.
  • Rule 1: Participants don’t have to use their hands.
  • Rule 2: If balls come out from the bucket they can put them again inside the bucket.


  • Here winner is only one who is able to transfer more numbers of ball from one bucket to another bucket at the end of one minute. Cheers……………….

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