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Stack The Coins

Ladies party games – Stack the coins

HI friends, the game which I am sharing today is dependence on balance and speed. Lets check…………

ladies party games - Stack the coins

ladies party games – Stack the coins

Material Required:

  • Coins of different value
  • Stop watch

How To Play:

  • This is a one minute game with any number of participants, hear each participants play individually.
  • First take lots of different values coin on a table.
  • Now participant has to arrange coin one over the above and make a stack of 15RS. Each stack may include different values of coin. But total value of the coin should be 15Rs.
  • Participant has to continue making stacks for one minute.
  • Rule 1: If any stacks value is not exactly 15Rs then this stack will be consider as a false.

ladies party games – Stack the coins winner:

Here winner is only one, who makes more number of stacks at the end of one minute. Cheers…….. ladies party games – Stack the coins

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