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Pool party games – Find stones

Pool party games – collect stones of different colors in one minute

Pool Party games_3

Pool Party games_3

Hi friends, today I am going to share a best pool party games, You can play this game when you are enjoying the swimming pool, This game can check your breathing capacity, How long you can hold your breath. Let’s check….

Materials Required:

  • Stones of five different colors
  • Swimming pool
  • Stop watch
  • Five bowls

How To play:

  • This is a one minute pool party game. You can play this game with certain modification, we will describe later.
  • Any numbers of participants can play this game simultaneously . First take five empty bowl near the swimming pool. And throw All stones inside the pool.
  • Participants have to collect these stones and put them in to the different bowl depending on color of the stones. But see the below rules.
  • Rule 1: Participant has to collect the stones in sequence only. Means if they had collect the stone first by the sequence Red – Blue – White – Green – Yellow, Then next time they have to go through this sequence only.
  • Rule 2: Participant has to collect only one stone at one time.


  • In this game we can add one modification by assigning some points to different colors of stone. Eg. Red = 5 Points, White = 10 points, Yellow = 15 points etc.
  • Now participants can collect the stones in any sequence but they have to keep in mind they should collect stones which are having higher value.
  • But Rule 2 will be the same – collect one stone at one time

Pool party games – collect the coins winner :

  • For first game the winner is one who is able to collect more numbers of stones from the pool in one minute.
  • For modification the winner is one who is able to collect the stones which are having higher points in one minute, means count the points of collected stones, and the participant whose point value is maximum, will be the winner. Cheers….

Pool party games – Find stones

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