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One minute game – put polo in the stick

One minute game to toss the polo and put it in the stick

One minute game - polo in the stick

One minute game – polo in the stick

Hi friends today I am going to share you a one minute game, which can also be played by kids at their birth day parties. This game is like the ring toss game, but here you have to toss the polo. And by not using the hand, then what let’s see….

Materials Required:

  • Some mint polos.
  • Stick
  • Some playing clay
  • Stop watch.

How To Play:

  • This is a one minute game and can be played by any age of people. Any number of participants can play this game at simultaneously or individually.
  • First take some polos on a table. Now participants have to put this polo in the tick with the help of their mouth.
  • That means participants has to pick polo with their mouth, hold it and put it in the stick. Now take another polo.
  • Participants has to continue this process till one minute.
  • Rule 1: Participants have to take one polo at one time.
  • rule 2: Participants can not use hand to pick the polo.


Winner of one minute game – put polo in the stick:

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