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One minute game – Collect coins

One minute game – rub Ice cubes to collect coins

One minute game - find coin from ice cube2

One minute game – find coin from ice cube2

Hi friends today i am going to share you a cool game which really makes your had cool. Lets check are you hot enough to melt the ice cubes.

Materials Required:

  • Some coins of different values.
  • refrigerator to make ice cubes with coin.
  • Stop watch.

How To Play:

  • This is a one minute game, any number of participants can play this game simultaneously or individually.
  • You have to be prepared before 6 – 7 hours to play this game. First take a ice cube tray. Put one coin in each molds of tray. Coins should be of different value, may be 5Rs, 1Rs, 2Rs etc
  • Now after 6-7 hours ore coin ice cubes are ready as shown in the image.
  • Now the game begins. take this cubes in to one bowl. Participant has to take this cube in hi / her hand and rub it until the cube melts and coin comes out.
  • Participant has to continuously rubs the ice cubes and tries to collect maximum numbers of coins.
  • Rule 1: Ones participants have choose the cube to rub, they have to complete this cube, means they can not moved to another cube before taking out coin.
  • Rule 2: Participants can not use any type of cloth to rub.
  • Rule 3: Participants can not rub the cube with ground or table etc.


One minute game – rub the ice cube winner:

  • In this game winner is only one, Who is able to collect more money. means if some one has collected 5 coins and the total value is only 5RS and other one has collected 2 coins and the total value is 7RS then he / she ¬†will be the winner.
  • So it is not important how many coins you are collecting. It is important to collect coins of more value. Cheers…….One minute game – rub Ice cubes to collect coins

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One thought on “One minute game – Collect coins”

  1. khushi says:

    nice very interesting game i am ready for my kitty.

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