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Office party game – Office photo hunt game

Office party game – Office photo hunt game

Office party game -Photo hunt game

Office party game -Photo hunt game

Hi friends, Today we are going to share a best office party game, corporate party game. This Game knows as a photo hunt game. This is a group game & can be played with two or three groups. and this game will check your capability of hunting the place and capture your selfie.

Materials required:

  • Selfie stick
  • Mobile with camera

How to play:

  • This is a office party games, can be played at different occasions at office party.
  • First divide all participants in to two or three groups depending on number of persons, Please take care at least 6 persons can be in one group.
  • Now each group must have a selfie stick and a mobile.
  • Decide some different places to take selfies, Example are as below.
  1. Selfie with Boss name plate.
  2. Selfie with Boss
  3. Selfie inside cafeteria
  4. Selfie with stapler
  5. Selfie at main door. etc…. you may discover more places depending on your ideas and give up to 5 to six places to each group. Places may be the same or different.
  • This is also a time limit game. All groups have only five minutes to take selfies, also they can obstruct other groups to take selfies.
  • Rule1: All members of the group should come in selfie, Also no member of other group must be see in the selfie, Otherwise photo will be disqualify.
  • Rule2: Participant can Obstruct by their hand or by coming in front of photo etc,.. But they can not pull or push other group member ( Nobody should become physical)

winner of the Office party game – Office photo hunt game:

  • Here winner is a group who is able to take clean and more selfies at the end of five minutes. Cheers…

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