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Name Inside The Circle

Paper games for kitty party – Name inside the circle

Paper games for kitty party - Name inside the circle

Paper games for kitty party – Name inside the circle

Hi friends today i am going to share you a bluffing game. The rules of the game will dramatically change, So the game it self is a smart, And You should not be over smart. Lets check who is smart you or the game. lets play…………

Materials Required:

  • Pens of two different colors
  • white A4 size papers.
  • Stop watch.

How To Play:

  • This game is one minute game , any number of persons can take part, Here all participants play simultaneously.
  • First of all distribute blank papers and red color pens to all participants,
  • Now game jockey will announce to draw circles in the blank paper, and participants have to draw as many circles as they can draw within one minute.
  • After one minutes all have drawn lots of circles in the page, Some are very smart so they draw lots of very small circles. Some are less smart so they had drawn a normal sized circles.
  • But the game is smarter than participants and the real game starts now.
  • Game jockey will announce all participants have been given one more minute to write their spouse name inside the circle as many as they can write. This is the actual game.
  •  Now very smarter people cant write their name inside the circle as they had drawn very small circles.
  • Rule 1: Participants has to write original spouse name, not the nick name, as nick names are smaller.
  • Rule 2: For writing name inside the circle give some different blue color pen so participants have no chance to cheat, by drawing a new circle at that time as the pen color differ from earlier.
  • Rule 3: If name goes outside the circle then it will count false.
  • Rule 4: one name in each circle
  • Rule 5: circles should not be overlapped.
  • Rule 6: Don’t announce the game name at starting, otherwise all can be aware of game’s bluff.


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