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Kids birthday party games – Cotton face

Kids birthday party games – Transfer Cotton by sticking on face

kids birthday party games - Cotton face

kids birthday party games – Cotton face

Hi friend today I am going to share you a new kids birthday party games, this is a one minute games and can be played at different parties. Lets check, How fast you are?

Materials Required:

  • Cotton balls, in bowl, you can make it colourfull so kids will like
  • Sticky body lotion or cream
  • Empty bowl
  • Stop watch

How To Play:

  • This is a one minute game, we can say it minute to win it games, any number of participants can take play this game but one by one.
  • Now take some cotton balls in the bowl. and place another empty bowl at some ware 3 to 4 meters away from there.
  • Participants has to place a cream over face and try to stick the cotton balls on the face.
  • Then Participant has to run to empty bowl, carrying cotton on the faces and drop down the balls in the bowl.
  • Participant has to continue this process till one minute.
  • Rule 1: No participants should use their hand for holding cotton
  • Rule 2: When cotton falls down during running then it won’t be counted.
  • Rule 3: Cottons inside the bowl are only countable.


Kids birthday party games cotton face winner:

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