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Indoor party games – Lock & Key

Indoor party games – Find matching key for the Lock:

Indoor party games - Lock & Key

Indoor party games – Lock & Key

Hello Friends today I am going to share a very common indoor party games, That is almost forgotten. This game can be played at any time for the fun, with no new materials required. Lets check….

Materials Required:

  • Different types of locks, may be 8 to 10 numbers
  • Keys for the all locks, Some fake keys
  • Stop watch

How To Play:

  • This game can be played as a time challenge game and also it can be played as a one minute game. Any number of persons can play this game at individually or at simultaneously, but required more locks and keys.
  • As shown in the image take some different types of locks and their keys, Also add some fake keys ( Means no locks can be opened with these keys) in these above keys to create some confusions. Means if we take 8 locks, then you must have 10 different keys.
  • Now take two tables and put them some what 5 to 10 steps far, Put all locks on table one and all keys on another table.
  • When game starts participant  has to take one key and go to the other table and insert it to the suitable lock and open it.
  • After opening the lock participant has to go for taking another key, come back near lock and open the other lock.
  • This process will continue till one minute.
  • Rule1: Participants has to take one key at one time.
  • Rule2: Cover the number and company name on the key and lock by the white tap, So that participants can not identify the keys by number and company name.

Winner of Indoor party games – Lock & Key:

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