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Holi party games – Balloons fight

Holi party games – Balloons party games:

Holi Party games

Holi Party games

Hello friends, Today I am going to share a new Holi games for groups, For these game we need to divide all members in to two Teams TEAM – A & TEAM -B

Material required:

  • Lots of water balloons with fill pink water for team A
  • Lots of water balloons with fill blue water for team B

How to play:

  • Here there are two teams, take water balloons with red and blue colours of water,
  • One team will take red balloons and another will take blue balloons, Now when the game starts, each team has to throw balloons to another team, and try to blow balloons on opponent. 
  • Team player can also hide, Now its your decision how to play defensive, or attacking,
  • The player, which had been hit by the balloon is out, Each team has to try to out the opposite team.



Here winner of the game is a team, whose players remains till last without hit by the balloons.

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