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Holi fun paper game

Holi fun paper game – Count the items

Hello friends, now its holi time and we are back with exciting holi fun games. this is a one minute paper game and you need print out of the attached image.

Holi Fun paper Games - Count the items

Holi Fun paper Games – Count the items

Materials required:

  • Print out of attached image
  • pen

How to play:

  • First take printout of attached image and distribute them among the participants.
  • Now there are six items in the image(water balloons, bhang , balloons, gujiya, colors, water gun).
  • participates have to count the items and write the count in the paper.
  •  After one minute the game stops.


  • The winner of holi fun paper game is the one who is able to count more numbers of items with correct count.
  • From six items only those items are right which are counted correctly.

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