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Gems Separation in one minute

 One minute kitty games to separate gems

one minute kitty games to separate gems

one minute kitty games to separate gems

Materials Required:

  • Gems of different colors as show in image.
  • Five transparent glasses.
  • Stop watch.

How To Play:

  • This is one minute game
  • Any number of persons can take participate in this game but, the game can be played by one person at one time.
  • Here first take gems of different colors, it can be more than five.
  • Take five transparent glasses and arrange in one line on table.
  • Now participant has to separate gems by color wise.
  • Rule 1: participants has to go in a same sequence as he/she has started. Means if in first glass he/she  had put red, in second  green, in third blue, in forth pink, in fifth purple, then next time he/she has to take red gems first and put it into first glass, then second green and third so on
  • Rule 2: At one time only one gem should be put with correct sequence.

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