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Fun party games – Make cards pairs

Fun party games – Make cards pairs in one minute:

Fun party games - make cards pairs

Fun party games – make cards pairs

Hi friends , today i am going to share a one minute fun party games, Which can be instantly played with a normal playing cards, This is a one type of puzzle game and we can check your quality to find pairs, like in the puzzle game. Lets check…

Materials required:

  • Playing cards
  • stop watch

How to play:

  • This is a one minute game, and can be played at any occasions. Any numbers of participants can play this game simultaneously or individually.
  • First take some waste playing cards, cut all the playing cards in two pieces.
  • Now Put all the cut pieces of the cards on a table and shuffle it properly.
  • When the game jockey starts the game, participant has to find the pairs of cut pieces to make the one card.
  • This process will continue until one minute.
  • When four to five participants play this game simultaneously then there will be a great fun, Every one is snatching the cards from others hand to make their pairs.


Winner of the Fun Party games – make cards pairs:

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