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Fun holi party games

Fun holi party games – Toss the balloon:

Hello friends, we share one more holi party games – toss the balloon. This game is special for couple.

Materials required:

Fun Holi party games - Toss the Ballon

Fun Holi party games – Toss the Ballon

  • Water balloon between couple

How to play:

  • This is a couple game.Now draw two lines approximately 7 to 8 step away.
  • One participant of the couple will stand behind one line and other will stand behind second line.
  • Give one water balloon to one side each participants.
  • When game start one participant of the couple will throw the water balloon  to his partner and partner must caught the balloon.
  • Who is fail to caught the balloon is out.
  • Now in second round distance between couple increase may be 1 or 2 steps.
  • Now again one of the couple throw balloon to his partner.
  • This process will continue untill we get one couple in the end.



Here winner for holi fun game – toss the balloon is a couple who remains balloon at last , means caught the balloon till end without blasting it.

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