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Find Your Chit Partner

College party games – Find your partner:

college party games - Find your partner

college party games – Find your partner

Hi Friends in this game you can test your hearing and acting skill. Lets see..

Materials Required:

  • Small paper chits
  • Pens

How To Play:

  • This is a first cum first bases game. Here there is no any time limit. This is a group game, and game becomes more interesting with more number of participants.
  • Generally this game will be played with more than 20 peoples.
  • Now make chits as per number of participants, and write opposite words on chit, like LOCK – KEY, LOVE – HATE etc,
  • You can also write break out of song in two chit, means in 1) kuch kuch, and in 2) hota hai, then this chit will be considered as a pair.
  • You can also do some modification like write State-Capital, Synonyms, Movie, Celebrity Pair Ajay – Kajol, etc…
  • Now snuffle all chit and distribute among participants. and start music at full voice so nobody can here each other. Participants have to find their pair as per the chit given to him/her. If in his/her chit it is lock then he has to find a person having key chit.

 Find your chit partner- College party games winner:

  • Here winner is a pair, who will identify their pair at first and reach to the stage, or at some predefined place. cheers………..


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3 thoughts on “Find Your Chit Partner”

  1. Kavita says:


  2. Chanchalnimani says:

    Please give more different pairs .Its superb game

    1. Admin says:

      Thanks, Chanchal Nimani,
      Below are some pairs

      King – Queen,
      Girl – Boy,
      Shoes – Shocks
      Up – Down
      Pencil – Eraser
      Note – Pen
      Table – Chair
      Pant – Shirt
      Bat – Ball
      Racket – Cock
      Cup – Soccer
      Mother – Father
      Brother – Sister

      May be you can add some opposites, Your creativity

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