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Find Winning Alphabet W

Kitty games – Find winning alphabet

Alphabet kitty games

Alphabet kitty games

Hi friends, today I am going to share a quick game to find your winning alphabet. This is a group game and totally depends on your luck. Lets check your luck………..

Materials Required:

  • Plastic alphabets
  • Gift wrap

How to Play:

  • This is a group game and any number of persons can participate.
  • First wrap each single alphabet in a gift wrap.
  • Here you can take any number of alphabets, But alphabet ‘W’ should be only one.
  • Now spread all gift wrapped alphabets in the hall.
  • And ask all participants to find winning alphabet ‘W’.
  • There is no any time limit. When ever any participant find ‘W’, then game stops.


 Kitty games – Alphabet winner:

  • The winner is only one, Who find ‘W’ alphabet first. Cheers…..

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