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Find stations – Party games for groups

Party games for groups to find connecting stations

Find stations_Party games for groups_3

Find stations_Party games for groups_3

Hello friends today I am going to share a very new and unseen game, the name it self suggest the game, in this we will check your general knowledge of train routs and city names, Don’t use google maps. lets check.

Materials Required:

  • Print out of all the three copies attached here.
  • Pens and Papers

How To Play:

  • This is a group game, with any number of persons can play this game.
  • This game is generally played at ladies kitty party.
  • Now divide total numbers of persons with three groups. Here all groups will play the game simultaneously.
  • Take print out of attached images, Each image contains different linking stations name, means AHMEDABAD TO SURAT.
  • May be in other print it will be SURAT TO VAPI, like that.
  • These three pages will be placed at three corner of the hall and at fourth corner participants have to sit.
  • Each group will be given some destination means Group 1 has to find Ahmedabad to Kolkatta, Group 2 has to find Ahmedabad to Jammu, Group 3 has to find Ahmedabad to Kerala.
  • Now one member of each group will write the connecting stations and others have to find those stations from these three papers which are placed at three different corners.
  • There are total 13 connecting stations have been written, between Ahmedabad to Kolkatta, Ahmedabad to Jammu, Ahmedabad to Kerala, They all are shuffled between three pages. So each group has to run and find the next connecting station from these three pages. Means If first is Ahmedabad to Surat then second is Surat to Vapi Etc….
  • There is no any time limit. This is first come first base game.
  • Rule 1: participants can not use their mobiles.
  • Rule 2: Total 13 stations have to be completed, and also the sequence of all stations will be right.
  • Rule 3: Nobody should touch the papers placed at three corners.


  • You can modified stations as per your knowledge means you can take any route between cities.
  • You can also play with any number of groups. But for that you have to use as many routs as the number of groups.

Winner of the Find the connecting stations – party games for groups

  • In this game winner will be only one group, This is first come first base game, hence the winner is the group who complete all 13 stations first and submit their paper to game jockey. Cheers…………..

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Find stations_Party games for groups_2

Find stations_Party games for groups_2

Find stations_Party games for groups_1

Find stations_Party games for groups_1


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  1. shreya says:

    I want still more interesting game
    pls can u give me some more interesting activities

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