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Couple party games – catch the ball

Couple party games – catch the ball by disposable glass:

Couple party games - Catch the balls

Couple party games – Catch the balls

Hi friends today, I am going to share a best couple party games, This game depends on your aiming, balancing and catching skill. Lets check, and improve your skills…

Materials required:

  • Small balls
  • Disposable glasses
  • Stop watch

How to play:

  • This is a couple party game, and can be played with any numbers of couples simultaneously or individually.
  • This is also a one minute game. First two persons of the couple will stand may be 3 to 4 steps away.
  • Now one participant will has all the balls and other has all the plastic glass.
  • The second participant with plastic glass will hold the glass in hand and the first participant will throw the ball by pitching it on the floor. ( you can also put a table between two participants, and participant will pitch the ball on the table)
  • Now second participant will catch the ball directly in the plastic glass, and when ball comes inside the glass, participant has to put another glass above it as shown in the image, And then again the process will continue.
  • Rule1: Second participant can not touch the ball by hand.
  • Rule2: If the glass fall down, while catching the ball, Participant has to continue with the remaining glasses only.
  • Rule3: First participant has to throw the ball one by one only.

Winner of Couple party games – catch the ball:

  • Winner of the game is a couple, who is able to catch more numbers of ball and make a big tower of the plastic glass as shown in the image. Cheers….Couple party games – catch the ball

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