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Couple party games – Balloon blast

Couple party games – Blast a balloon by tapping on a pin

Couple party games - Balloon blast

Couple party games – Balloon blast

Hi friends, This is a couple game, you must required  partner for this game, This is a most exciting couple party games, no matters who ever is your couple a boy or a girl, you can play this game, But one thing matters is your co-ordination. Lets check…

Materials Required:

  • Few air balloons
  • Pin
  • Some thermocole sheet or clay to make pin standing
  • Stop watch

How To Play:

  • This is a one minute couple game, Each couple should play  this game individually.
  • First take a pin and insert it in a thermocoule sheet, Or Stick some clay on the back side of pin, and make it standing, as shown in the image.
  • Now Draw two line, distance between two lines should be 5 to 7 steps.
  • One person will stand near the one line, where we had put some air balloons, and other person will stand near the other line, where we had put a pin.
  • Now when game jockey start the games, First person will take the balloon and throw it by taping it towards the second one,
  • Second person will tap this balloon forcefully on the pin and try to blast it.
  • This process will continue till one minute.
  • Rule 1: No participants should cross the limit line.
  • Rule 2: Participants can tap one balloon at one time.
  • Rule 3: Participants should not hold the balloon at any time, they had to tap the balloon, and if balloon fall down then they had to take the new balloon.


Couple party games – balloon blast winner:

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  1. Priya Basrani says:

    nice and intresting games pls subscribe me to your group

    1. Admin says:

      Thanks priya, for liking us, we will subscribe you soon, You can also go to our facebook page and like us, So you will automatically get updates of any new games. Thanks

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