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Couple party game – Saat phere

Couple Party Game – Saat Phere:

Hello friends today a long time after, I am going to share a best couple party game – saat phere, In this game you can check your balancing skill and also the co-ordination with your partners, This is also a time challenging  games.

couple party game - saat phere

couple party game – saat phere

Material Requires:

  • Brisk 8 to 10 numbers
  • stopwatch

How to play:

  • This is a time challenging game and also the couple game this game can be played at many function like marriage, engagement, etc
  • First as show in the picture please arrange 8 to 10 brisk in the circle, Please keep some distance between two brisk and make the circle reasonable big.
  • One couple can play this game at a time, As name suggest each couple has to walk on the bricks in circle and complete seven round.
  • The game jockey will measure the time for each couple
  • Rule1; If any of the person loos the balance and their leg fall from the brick they will be disqualified
  • Rule2: Couple must walk by holding one hand to each other If at any time they give up hands, then they will be disqulified.


Winner of the Valentine day game – Saat phere:

  • winner of the couple party game is only one who can complete the all seven round in least time

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  1. Soniya Tiwari says:

    Please suggest some couple games for karva chouth theme kitty party

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