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Couple Musical Chair

musical chair - couple kitty games

musical chair – couple kitty games

Couple kitty games – musical chair

Hello friends, today i am going to share a musical chair game, which we all are familiar, But this game has a very unique modification hence it is called couple musical chair. lets play…..

Materials Required:

  • Chairs
  • Music system

How To Play:

  • This is a unique musical chair with modification. This game can be play with any number of couples at the same time. To make interesting I recommend to have minimum 6 couples.
  • Now arrange the chairs as we are arranging in simple musical chair, by keeping their front and back alternatively.
  • Now one member of each couple will sit over this chairs, This on member will be sited through out the game.
  • now game jockey starts the music and the other members of the couple will run around the chairs, and when music stops all members have to find their partner and sit in their lap.
  •  The one who is last to sit will be out from the game, then game will continue with the remaining couples.
  • This process will continue till, there is only one couple remains.
  • Rule 1: Participants can not go back they have to run in only one direction.
  • Rule 2: Participants can not touch any chair during the running.


Couple kitty games – musical chair winners:

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