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Corporate party games – Stool walk

Corporate party games – walk on a stool:

Corporate party games - Stool walk

Corporate party games – Stool walk

Hello Friend, These days there is a trends in corporate offices to play games and competition, Considering that I am going to share you a new games which can play at corporate party. This game can be played by any one boy or girl. Lets Check….

Materials Required:

  • Stools – 2 nos
  • Stop watch

How To Play:

  • This game is a one minute game, also we can play it as time chasing game and any number of participants can play this game but one person at one time. also many people can play this game simultaneously but for this you required more stools, 2 nos for every participants.
  • This is a race, we can say stool walk race, We are generally playing a lots of games on races like, lemon race, Balloon race, Pasta racePass Bubbles from Hula Ring race, Etc…
  • First draw a starting line and finishing line, In Between distance should be 10 to 15 steps.
  • Now put two stools near the starting line, and participants has to stand on a stool.
  • When the game jockey start the race participants has to walk on a stool, when he comes on a front stool, then he should pickup the back stool and keep it on front, and then he will move to the front stool.
  • Thus he / she has to progress the race by stool only by taking bake stool and putting it in front of him.
  • This is a time challenge game and also can be played as a race by playing all participants simultaneously.
  • Rule 1: Participants should not fall down from the stool, If they fall then they have to go again at starting line.
  • Rule 2: Participants can take big steps, But this may cause some problems for them also.

Winner of corporate party games – stool walk:

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