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Paper games for kitty party -Coins on Days winner:

Paper games -Coins on Days

Paper games -Coins on Days

Hi friends, This is the one of the best paper game, you had ever seen. Its totally depends on general knowledge. Lets chek your general knowledge.

Materials Required:

  • Printout of attached image.
  • Coins of different value.
  • Stop watch.

How to Play:

  • This game is one minute game.
  • It can be played by any number of participants simultaneously or one by one.
  • First take print out of attached image. Take more printout if you wants to play with more participants simultaneously.
  • Put page on table and put some coins near paper.
  • Now participant has to arrange coins on the paper. For example Participants has to arrange 25Rs coin if it is Christmas day.
  • Participant has to continue arranging coin up to one minute.

Paper games -Coins on Days winner:

  • Here winner is only one, who is able to put coins on more numbers of days at the end of one minute. cheers…….

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