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Coins On Clock

One minute game – Coin and clock

one minute game - Coin and clock

one minute game – Coin and clock

Materials Required:

  • A Wall Clock
  • Coins of different value
  • Stop watch

How To Play:

  • This is a one minute game.
  • Any number of persons can take participate in this game .
  • First Put a wall clock on a table horizontally.
  • Put some coins of different value near clock.
  • Participants has to put coins on the clock. He/She has to put total one rupee at number 1 of Clock.
  • He/she has to put total two rupees (two coin of rupees one) at number 2 of clock.
  • Participants has to continue put coins near numbers of clock from 1 to 12 until one minute.



3 thoughts on “Coins On Clock”

  1. Kinjal says:

    Instead of clock – u can use the writing board of kids to make more permutation Combination of numbers. Also in decimal such 13.24, 5.90, which will take more time to collate coins

  2. Deepa Neogi says:

    Thanks for suggesting me such fantastic games

    1. Admin says:

      Thank you very much, Deepa Visit agian, we are updating new games soon

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