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Christmas party games – Jingle bells

Christmas party games – Catch the jingle bells

Christmas party games - Jingle bells

Christmas party games – Jingle bells

Hello friends, this christmas lets think about our child hood and play some childhood games. This is a game which we were played a lot in our childhood, But there is one twist.. Lets check…

Material required:

  • Black belt to blind fold eyes
  • Jingle bells

How to play:

  • This is a group game and any numbers of players can play this game.
  • First Blindfold one  player, and tied a bell to the leg of each person.
  • Now when game starts the blindfold player will have to catch all the players one by one.
  • All the players had a jingle bell tied to their legs, so when they move the can be identified by the blind person.
  • Gradually as players caught they will be out of the game.
  • Rule1: Players must not touch or hold the bell, to keep it silent. They can walk silently.
  • Rule2: There must be a limited area, inside which players should run.

Winner of the Christmas party games – Jingle bells:

  • Winner of the game is only one who remains last.

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