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Chilly Inside The Bottle

One minute game – Chilly inside bottle

One minute game - Chilly inside bottle

One minute game – Chilly inside bottle

Hi friends this game we are posting on request of our member on mirch masala theme, With this game you can measure how fast you are with perfection.

Materials Required:

  • Some Chilies
  • One empty Pepsi bottle
  • String
  • Stop watch

How To Play:

  • This is a one minute game with any numbers of persons can take part.
  • First take some chilies, empty bottle and string. Arrange bottle to some distance away from chilly and string
  • Now participant has to tie a sting to the chili and hold the string with his/her mouth.
  • Then he/she has to put chili inside the bottle.
  • Participant has to continue this process until one minute.
  • Rule 1: Participants do not have to use their hand
  • Rule 2: Keep string cut pieces at least one meter long so it wont be easy to place chili inside the bottle.


One minute game – Chilly inside bottle Winner:

  • Here winner is only one who is able to place more number of chilies inside the bottle at the end of one minute. cheers…

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  1. charvi says:

    please suugest some games for couple kitty party

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