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Catch The Chocolates

Couple kitty games - chocolate balloon

Couple kitty games – chocolate balloon

Hello friends today I am going to share a couple games, This game depends on the co-ordination of couple.Lets have a look.

Materials Required:

  • A big balloon
  • Lots of chocolates

How To Play:

  • First insert lots of chocolates inside the balloon, And blow the balloon.
  • Now one participants will tap the balloon upward and blast the balloon with the help of pin.
  • At the same time other participants has to catch the chocolates, which comes out from the balloon.
  • You can repeat the game until one minutes or you can play only one time.
  • Rule 1: The participants has to catch the chocolates in the air only, he/she can’t collect the chocolates from ground.

Couple kitty games Рcatch the chocolates winner:

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