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Carry The Balloon To Finish Line

Couple kitty game race

Couple kitty game race

Hello Friends, This is a couple game, It depends on co ordination of your partner, Lets check how you under stand your partner.

Materials Required:

  • Some Balloons
  • Stop Watch

How To Play:

  • This is a one minute game, any number of persons can take part, One couple can play at one time.
  • First take some balloons and draw two lines starting line and finishing line.
  • Now Couple has to take a balloon and hold it with the help of their backs, as show in image.
  • Couple has to walk from starting line to finishing line by holding the balloon with back, and drop the balloon after the finishing line.
  • Participants have to continue this process and carry as many balloons as they can at finishing line within one minute.
  • Rule 1: At middle of the race participants can not touch the balloon by hand.
  • Rule 2: If balloon falls in between the race then participants has to again start from starting line.
  • Rule 3: If balloons blow out then also participants has to start from starting line.
  • Rule 4 : They ┬áhas to carry one balloon at one time.

Couple kitty games – Balloon race winners:

  • Here winner is a couple: who is able to transfer more numbers of balloons to the finishing line in one minute. Cheers………

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