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Bingo generator – Play bingo with card deck

Bingo generator – Play new bingo deck of cards:

Bingo generator - Play bingo with card deck

Bingo generator – Play bingo with card deck

Hello friends, all you had heard of tambola and bingo, but it always needs its cards and coins like materials, Today I am going o share a new bingo generator, Which can be easily played by deck of cards at any time. This game really check your luck. lets check..

Materials Required:

  • Deck of cards: 2 sets

How To Play:

  • This is a one of the modification in bingo, can be played by deck of cards.
  • Here we had taken two decks out of which one is to be divided among player and other will be for playing bingo.
  • First divide all the 52 cards among players, you can give one card at some specific amount ( like 10RS or 1USD) as per your connivance.
  • Any player can take more cards as per his requirement. give card such a way that each player at least get some card. and you can sale remaining cards.
  • Now game jockey will snuffle the playing cards deck and open the cards one by one. when game jockey open one card say black queen, then this card also will be in the hand of one of the player and IF this is not the gift card, then player has to give away the card, and if it is the gift card then player will get the gift as per decided
  • Now How to choose gift card. this can be any of below as per you decided
  • Like Every 5th Page, means page 5, 10, 15, 20 ETC
  • Like At any time between the games as game jockey instantaneously decide.
  • Like At every ODD card Or every each Card
  • Like You can set a Jackpot gift for the last card.
  • MODIFICATION: You can also set a penalty card. means if you had decided the 5th card will be the penalty card then, When game jockey opens the 5th card, The player who has the same card, has to pay the penalty

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