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Baby Shower party games for groups

Party games for groups – Baby baby don’t say baby

Party games for groups - Baby shower game

Party games for groups – Baby shower game

Hello friends today i am going to share a best baby shower game, the name it self suggest the game. Now lets see are you able to take control of your tong.

Materials Required:

  • Safety pins

How To Play:

  • This game is generally played at baby shower parties, this game can be also played at different parties by doing some modifications.
  • First at starting when guest enter the party place, give them a safety pin. and instruct them to pin it on their tops / shirts.
  • The game is to control your tong. All participates should not speak “BABY” word inside the party hall.
  • Generally as this is  function of baby shower, peoples are mostly talking about baby. and very often they speak baby words.
  • Now at the same time participant has to keep their eyes an ears open to listen baby word.Means if some one speaks word “BABY”, and if you listen the word, then you have to take safety pin from that participants, and has to pin it on your top / shirt.
  • Rule 1: The person, who listen the baby word first, will take the pin of that participants.
  • Rule 2: When some participant has lost the pin, still he / she is in the game, and can take the pin of other participants, when they say word “BABY”, Just keep open eyes & ears.



  • as we had told earlier, you can play this game by different modifications. Only you need to change the word “BABY”, by the word which is going to be used maximum number of times at the party. Means, you can play with the simple word “HI” , “BIRTHDAY” at birthday parties. such as…

Winner of party games for groups – Baby baby don’t say baby :

  • In this game winner is that, who is having maximum number of safety pins on his / her shirt / top. Means the person who catch more number of persons speaking word “BABY” and collect their Pins.

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