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One minute game - put down

One minute game – put down

Hi friends, today i am going to share a one minute game, which will measure your aiming skill with concentration, lets check……

Materials Required:

  • A ball with a string or you can insert a ball inside the sock and tight a string with sock.
  • 9 to 10 numbers of water bottle, may be half filled.
  • A stop watch

How To Play:

  • This is a one minute game with any numbers of participants.
  • First make a circle of bottles, it should be a big circle.
  • Now take a ball with string and tight the string on participant’s neck. Not so much tight, Ha ha
  • Participant has to put down the bottles by using the ball, tighten an his/her neck.
  • Rule 1: keep the string of ball a little small, So participants have to bend.
  • Rule 2: Participants must not touch the ball, string and bottle.



  • Here winner is only one who is able to put down more numbers of bottles at the end of one minute. Cheers……..

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