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Adult Christmas games – Blast the balloon

Adult Christmas games – blast the balloon with the help of spouse:

christmas party games - blast the balloons

christmas party games – blast the balloons

Hi friends , Christmas is near, so lets have some adult christmas games, this game can be played by couple, and its an adult game, means who ever sees the participants playing the game, may be misunderstand about the situation, ha ha, lets check

Materials Required:

  • Balloons
  • Stop watch

How to play:

  • This is a couple party games and can be played as a one minute games. This game can be played by two or three groups with some modifications, which mentioned below.
  • First draw two lines may be some 10 to 15 steps apart.
  • First member of couple will stand near starting line and second member will stand near finishing line by facing his/ her back towards the starting line as shown in the image.
  • Put some balloons near starting line.
  • Now first person near starting line should take the balloon and run towards ending line and put the balloon on the bump of the second member, now second member will hold the balloon on his/ her bump by hands.
  • First person should blast the balloon by his stomachs or are below stomachs as shown in the image, without using his / her hands.
  • After blasting the balloon first person should run towards the starting line pickup the balloon, and repeat the process untill one minute.
  • Rule1: First person should not touch the balloons at the time of blasting it.
  • Rule2: Second person should not blast the balloons by pinching it.


Modification for group game:

  • For group games you must have two to three groups, and in this game winner will be the whole group not the individual one.
  • First stick the balloons on each of the group members bump. First member of the group will stand at finishing line by facing his back towards starting line.
  • All other members will stand near starting line. Now one member at starting line will run towards the finishing line and blast the balloon on the other members of bump with his front side as shown in the image. after blasting the balloon he will stand there and other person at starting line come and blast his balloon. this process will be continue until all balloons blast.

Winner of Adult Christmas games – Blast the balloon:

  • Winner is a couple who is able to blast more numbers of balloons at the end of one minute.
  • Winner for the modification is a group who is able to blast all the balloon first, or in the lowest time.

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